Friday, February 6, 2009

escape. part 1

Sapphire is no Houdini, but yes, there were times she 'escaped'.

3 months ago:
Met a jogger and her dog. They played a little (and of course got a bit too excited) and got entagled. While we were busy trying to untangle their leashes and whoops! All I was holding was a leash hooked to a 'headless' collar. We manage to 'catch' her and that was the end of our walk. Partly because there were strays around, have no idea where they came from.

Hey you! *sniff sniff*
Let's play! *romp romp*
Urgghhh... *struggle struggle*
?!?!... I'm free! FREEEEE!
Hey mom, look! I'm running!
... ...
Oh, confound it.

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