Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sapphire only fetches the rope, not other things like slippers, ball, bone, etc. If only she would/chooses to, that'll make my life a little easier.

Time to teach her new tricks. She can do a list of commands- will post them soon. Teaching her to do 'eights' at the moment.

She's been with us for about 6 months now and I think I'm ready to introduce her to the insides of our home. It was impossible for her to be in the house during those initial months. Probably just the kitchen and study
area for now- which is still under renovation but will be completing in a couple of days.

Hope she'll not chew on my new bookcases.


Life With Dogs said...

Good luck with the bookcases - we lost the eaten furniture battle.

Hil said...

thanks! and oh no!

*i'll be watching you... grrr*

thanks for dropping by.

bagel said...

haha yup you might want to try feng you on the bookcase if saphire is tempted :p we found that to be the only thing that worked. o n no worries, bagel only just recently moved into the house at 1yrs old :p and currently before the great discovery of fengyou, we are fortunate only to have 1 destroyed sofa with all it's pillows "p

Hil said...

thanks for the great tip! never thought of that (took me quite a while to figure what was 'fengyou'!)

those spray deterrants doesn't work at all.

*i'll be watching you... with BOTH eyes...grrrr!!*


Kess And Her Mama said...

Hmmm... Our shoe rack has seen better days. Kess bit the sides when we were out.