Thursday, April 9, 2009

scale factor

Sapphire weighs about 28 kg (!!) when she first came. She looked like a walking barrel. But my, this porky can jump!

But ever since we started on a regular 30-60min walk routine, she had shed a couple of kilos and firmed those buxom bits. I'm still 'counting the carbs' but, hmm... no changes lately.

She's currently on a 0 grain fish diet (she has grain allergies) and I'm feeding her slightly less than a cup a day. She gets a small biscuit and some treats equivalent to a medium sliced pepperoni each day. Oh I feel terrible when she looks at me with those EYES!

I truly admire and exalt Sapphire's slender counterparts.

Will she always be pudgy?


bagel said...

hey keep up the good work!! and haha I can truly see the difference :p she looks more sexy now with a really cute butt *winks* and no worries about losing the weight off. So long as you continue to walk her and not overfeed her she'd lose off the extra weight. What's even better is if there's a dog run there and she enjoys playing with dogs, can just bring her there to run freely for hours. Sure to lose weight one :p Anw, we boarded a really plump beagle once, whereby sapphire comparably is slim, and walking him 2x a day 1hr each, he practically lost half his barrel waist. so yup haha no worries good luck and all the best, i'm sure sapphire can lose off those extra weight and be the beau in her neighbourhood!

Sapphire said...

oh thanks bagel! we'll have a morning walk 1st thing tomorrow!

Kess And Her Mama said...

Don't worry - keep up that walk routine and she'll be the beagle with the best figure in the neighbourhood!