Wednesday, May 13, 2009

an uneventful day

It was a half-day for me and an ordinary day for Sapphire...

Chased maze-ball.

Stared at clothes being ironed.

Stuffed her head into the floor drain while I do the dishes.

Nose dive and tumbled the laundry basket several times. Nope, this time she didn't haul out the laundry. Hooray!

Licked out some frozen peanut-butter while I was out.

Barked at cats during walk. Also picked up (and ate) some yucky matter.

Got wet when I washed the car. Probably lapped up some car shampoo too.

Made more holes in her existing holey towel.

Threw her some ice cubes. Made a mess. Yeah, even with just ice cubes.

Gnawed knuckle bone. Smoked.

I'm pooped. She's pooped. It's a happy day.


Life With Dogs said...

Anything that ends with ice cubes and knuckle bones is all good as far as dogs are concerned!

Momo said...

Sapphire's face looks similar to that of Cookie when he was younger :-)

Cinnamon loves ice cubes! Cookie used to enjoy ice cubes too, but now he is not as excited about them as he used to be.