Wednesday, September 9, 2009

R and R

I'll be off to a holiday!

Sapphire will also be having her little 'retreat' over at her sitters. They love her very much so she'll be well taken care of.

I'm missing her already, at the same time beginning to ail what's to come... will she:

Dig the beautiful lawn?
Plunge into rubbish bins?
Eat soil out of the pots?
Do a Houdini act?

Argh, all this is making my head spin. I'm going shopping and buying her a new nylon bone.


Becky's Barnyard said...

Good for you, a holiday. And I'm sure Sapphire will have a really good time; but, miss you. I have a quantaray 28-90mm and quantaray 55-200mm for D50.

River said...

I hope it is a happy holiday. Nylabones can be tasty.

love & wags,