Sunday, January 11, 2009


7am: Wakes up. Don't even bother to brush teeth. Go downstairs and Sapphire will be waiting patiently. Whines occasionally.

7.05am: Put her inside crate. Scoop up last night's poop (if there's any left- yes, she eats them!) and clean up.

7.15am: Breakfast! No sunny side up- just dry food.

7.30am: Let her tummy settles while I mop up the floor and hang up her favourite old t-shirt she sleeps on. Dust off hair and I'll have a sneezing fit for a couple of minutes.

7.45-8.30am: Play! I give her a maze ball, where I put some food (nothing extra, its part of her meal earlier) into a rubber ball and let her chase it around. Also hide bits of food so she could sniff'em out.

Somewhere in between: pees and poops. into the crate again. clean again. mop again.

She'll be wanting a belly rub or scratch, at the same time play 'wrestle-with-my-hands'.

9am: Settles, finds sunny spot to lie on.

9am-5pm: Sleep. Shifting from warm and cool spots from time to time.

Somewhere in between: Bird watch. Roll over earth worms. Drink water. Sniff around. Snooze.

5.30-6.30pm: A walk in the park! Jog. Runs occasionally- depends on how fast my two legs could move! I keep her on a leash all the time. Meet other canine friends. Sniff out some butts.

6.30-7.30pm: Panting and satisfied! Cleans her mouth and her paws. Then a game of fetch followed by some obedience training.

8.30pm: All pooped out and ready for a long night of undisturbed sleep!

(of course I usually interrupt her in between ;p)


Audrey said...

Hi Hil,
It is so cool that Sapphire has her own blog. Has it been that long since she came to live with you? Happy New Year Sapphire.


Hil said...

hello! yeah, she arrived in Sept 08 (: