Monday, January 12, 2009

we had a shock

We were attacked.

We were enjoying our evening walk as usual when suddenly a dog got loose. It ran straight to us and went for Sapphire. The dog grabbed Sapphire by the neck and I could clearly see its wild eyes.

Before I could react, the dog sped off and I quickly inform its owner (we were just walking by the house before crazy dog mugged us). Fortunately he heard us and came looking for his wild pet.

Again it came at us- this time not only I could see its engorged eyes but the hairs on its back were standing too. Dog owner tried to 'catch' it- he was clearly mad but that didn't helped much. I was standing there witnessing a dog fight and Sapphire is on a short 3 feet leash! I almost thought of letting go but my conscious told me not too.

Again dog sped off and I manage to carry Sapphire to a safer distance. I couldn't get her to budge- she thinks she's in a game!

Of course owner and demented dog were reunited after much scrambling and chasing.

Sapphire wasn't hurt. Had dingo drool all over her. She is oblivious of what happened. Today, I had a shock.

Pardon for calling dog names. I notice it is always kept outside behind the house and constantly caged. The owner has 3 other shih tzus inside their house. Underprivileged? Its terribly unjust and I pity dog too. Thus the aggresive behaviour?


Kess And Her Mama said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Good to hear that Sapphire is not hurt from the attack.

Hil said...

hi! yeah, i think she'd forgotten the whole saga. you have a good day with kess (: