Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a frog's tale

Froogy is my name. I'm the frog in the house...

(to cut the long story short)

... A beagle caught me.

*hello, what's that?*

*Oooh, you missed a spot*

*Halp! I think it's tearing my head apart!*


*Phew! What's that smell?*


*Jump higher!*

*Bath time*
(He seems to be enjoying it lots)

*Ahhh, where's that tanning cream?*

*Grrr (croak)... now look what you've done.*

*My EYES!!!! Where's the Sunnies??!! @&*#$%!*


LizzyBean said...

Alice likes her stuffie toys too! We don't bathe ours tho -- if they get nasty they have to stay outside! Alice has two squeaky burgers she really likes.
If you go to Becky's Barnyard (link from my site) you will see that her dog Chilli likes to hunt REAL frogs in her fishpond (you will have to go back a few posts -- can't remember exactly). Becky is my cousin and she has a really cool place out in the country. Cheers, LizzyBean

bagel said...

haha too cute! Luuurve the cheek!!

Sapphire said...

Lizzy- will check it out! thx!

Bagel- do u get into such fun (troubles)too?


Cookie and Cinnamon's Mum said...

Love Froogy!! Does he have any brothers or sisters? If he does, we want one of them!?