Sunday, May 24, 2009

fun in my tub

Can I have somemore?

The inside to 'tub-training'...

It's been a tiring Sunday. Sapphire's already sleeping soundly. She's been an angel for the past week. Will update and post more soon.

It's going to be Monday again in a few hours. *Moooaaaan*


Cookie and Cinnamon's Mum said...

Your bathtub looks nice! Much more stylish than Cookie and Cinnamon's. Are all those in the photo collage your treats? What are they? I'm interested.

bagel said...

wow the treats looks delicious!!! drools

LizzyBean said...

Sapphire, you are such a pretty girl and good too, tho it looks like you have some help being good, what with the treats and all! tee hee! Mondays are hard, but we have Memorial Day tomorrow, everyone's off work and school and it is the last week of school next week -- hurray!

Sapphire said...

C&C: thanks! someone gave me an old bathtub! it's nicer because it's wider than this current one.

treats: fish jerky, lamb rolls and left-over breakfast.

Bagel: Yeah, unfortunately her drool was not focused rightly in the photos.

Lizzy: oh i envy u! but well, monday's over (: she does need help to be good. haha.