Thursday, May 28, 2009


Sapphire had her flea bath- at the groomers! That was her very first visit.

She had to be crated while waiting for her turn. She was barking her heart out with her legs shaking underneath her. I felt... so... ah, like a parent sending their crying toddler off to school on the first day. Yeah, almost, that's how (I think) I almost felt .

She was fine the moment we got back. With the help of some delicious salmon treats.

Posing with her new flea-collar

This may not be the best solution (will try spot-on treatment later) but at least I don't have to worry too much when we're on our walks.


LizzyBean said...

Do you have access to Frontline or a product like it? That's what we use and it works well if used regularly. We've had some bad fleas seasons in the past! Fleasbugs are the WORST!!

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Glad you survived the torture chamber Sapphire! It's worth it to be rid of the nasty bugs though :D Alfie went deerhunting on Wednesday....all fine Thurs & Fri but on Saturday we had a show....only noticed tiny little ticks all over his muzzle and ears when we were in the ring and had to discreetly pick them off before the judge noticed....eeww!
Slobbers xx

Sapphire said...

LizzyB: Yeah, using Frontline now. she's allergic to the collar! poor girl, been sratching her face and mouth...

Dughallmor: deerhunting sounds real fun... so did the judges saw any?!