Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Took out Sapphire's flea collar. Using spot-on treatment now. The collar is giving her a terrible itch, especially around the neck, eyes and muzzle. Poor girl, still itching but hopefully after this morning's bath, she'll feel better. Some pretty strong stuff going on that collar.

Wearing a stainless steel chain for now. Why bother to wear one at home? Well, it's easier for me to 'seize' her if she's up to her tomfoolery acts.

Found this while clearing up some of my old stuffs:

She has a new tub! (Old one actually, but it fits perfect! Thanks boys.)

She's been naughty, as usual...
kleenex, anyone?

... and hung around while I repotted my plants...


Since today's a day-off for me, I'm going to grab a quick lunch and maybe share an afternoon nap with her.


bagel said...

hey do try neem oil. You can get it either at pet shops or other places at cheaper prices. Mix around 10drops with water and spray sapphire before her walks. It's all natural and does not have chemicals so it's really safe for dogs. Because for me i'm not really comfortable with using too much chemicals and it really works against fleas and ticks. We've never had problems with fleas and ticks even when dogs around our area had and reccommended it to my neighbour and since then her dogs have been fleas and ticks free as well. Mix it with water is to save money because can be quite expensive if get from pet shops.

Cookie and Cinnamon's Mum said...

Hi Sapphire,

Cookie and Cinnamon also wear a collar all the time even in the house, because that makes it easier for me to catch them when they are up to something bad. I love the photo of you lying down on a shelf!

Joanna said...

Sapphire's a very good poser, a qualified dog model. Maybe she can pose for Hush Puppies... Haha